[osg-users] pragmatic shaders changes?

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Wed May 20 23:24:46 PDT 2020

Hi Nick,

#Pragmatic shader composition should be working mostly the same in master
and the 3.6 branch.  I haven't seen reports of issues.

In what way doesn't you application work?  What happens if you remove the
() around your #ifdef i.e. use

#ifdef MY_DEFINE

The OSG itself won't have any influence over this particular behavior, it
just injects the #define so if the above tweak makes a difference then
it'll be down to GLSL compiler in the driver changing it's behavior over

For debugging shaders it can be useful to enable the OSG's debug
notification output.  This will include output of the shaders to the
console that you can redirect to a file and then review what GLSL code the
OSG is sending to the driver.

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