[osg-users] Per vertex colors with different front and back intensity

OpenSceneGraph Users osg-users at lists.openscenegraph.org
Fri May 8 00:03:11 PDT 2020

Hi Werner,
thank you for the reply!

Yes writing my own shader would be an option, but I first wanted to make 
sure if there is another way to do it.
Could be that we drop this feature (dark backside of the geometry) in the 
case of per vertex colors before putting more effort in it.
But if there was an easy way to achieve it via simple configuration I'd 
love to hear about it.


Am Donnerstag, 7. Mai 2020 18:19:18 UTC+2 schrieb OpenSceneGraph Users:
> Hi Phil,
> if you are working with your own shaders you can query front and back in 
> the fragment shader.
> Werner

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