[osg-users] Updating Scene and Update Traversals

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Fri Jun 5 07:28:41 PDT 2020

Hello everyone!

I'm learning as I go, and thanks to this wonderful forum, I recently 
learned that it is poor form and dangerous to add or remove nodes from the 
scene outside of node update callbacks. I am currently reorganizing my 
application to comply with this advice.

How I'm doing it is I set an update callback on the top group node of the 
entire scene, and I only add or remove nodes from within that update 
callback. Is this advisable (using the top group node's update callback)?

Also, what about other operations like setting a node's node mask? Is it 
dangerous to do that outside of an update callback? Any other operations? 
Is it just adding and removing nodes that should be limited to the update 
callback, or does it go further than that?

Thank you so much for your help! You guys have been an invaluable source of 
advice for me.


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