[osg-users] Loading Z-up FBX models

OpenSceneGraph Users osg-users at lists.openscenegraph.org
Thu Jul 30 09:30:26 PDT 2020

I am having difficulty loading Z-up FBX models into *osgviewer*.  They get 
re-oriented to Y-up.  While examining the code I discovered there is even a 
*ZUp* option that the FBX importer recognizes, though it is not advertised 
in the interface.  However, *ZUp* causes my Z-up models to display Z-down.

It looks like there was a little discussion about this problem back in 




but as far as I can tell, nothing has been done.  I'm surprised there 
hasn't been more discussion about this.  Do other people not have problems 
with this?  Do they have Y-up models?  Do they add a rotation after the 
models are loaded?  

I ended up adding a *noRotation* flag to the FBX importer.  The OBJ 
importer also has a *noRotation* flag (apparently it assumes the incoming 
model is Y-up and rotates it to Z-up?), so it seemed consistent to do the 
same for FBX.


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