[osg-users] Create BoundingBoxes dynamically, by creating global Geode and attaching children later

OpenSceneGraph Users osg-users at lists.openscenegraph.org
Fri Jan 31 02:13:42 PST 2020

After reading the "short" OSG documentation over at 
http://syntheractive.com/developer/downloads/OSGQSG.pdf , I figured it out 
on my own :)

Things that helped me: (obvious if you know what you are doing...)

   - geodes can't have unlimited children, just use a global group, where 
   you attach a new geode for every bounding box.
   - dont use * pointers, use osg::Ref_ptr<>, and if you use 
   iosg::ref_ptr<X> use X.get() to get the object
   - just remove lighting, or set normals
   - if you want the object to have one color, use BIND_OVERALL
   - no need to update or set anything dirty
   - you don't need a state set / matrix at all (in my case, because all is 
   in global coordinates)

Maybe if someone like me stumbles across this thread, this Info helps

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