[osg-users] How to use the osgUI

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Tue Jan 21 02:55:49 PST 2020

The osgUI NodeKit was written to be used from C++ and/or Lua script.  
During development the primary focus was on making sure it was functional 
via Lua script and as part of Present3D presentations (see 

Due to the focus on Lua script usage I didn't write any C++ examples, 
instead it was all done via Lua scripts.  There a couple of Lua scripts in 
the OpenSceneGraph-Data/ui directory that illustrate it in action.  For 
example try:

     osgviewer ~/Data/OpenSceneGraph-Data/ui/TabWidget.lua.90,0,0.rot 

Note the 90,0.0.rot uses a psuedo plugin to rotate the widget that is on 
the XY plane by default to the XZ plane to fit with the OSG default viewing 
orientation (X to the east/right, Y north/forward, Z up).

The project that funded this work, after the end of the project I haven't 
had time have time to further develop.

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