[osg-users] [build] Building OSG 3.6.4 in Win64 TDM GNU.

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Until you mentioned the TDM compiler suite I had not heard of it.

A lot of developers/companies will only engage on something like this on a Time and Materials basis with clear goals.

The costs for engaging a bespoke port of OSG and all dependencies will not be cheap. Day rates will probably be on the order of £350 to £800 depending on if you are able to engage a developer directly or a small software house. 

I would suggest that you need to define clearly the following:
• What Plugins you need for OSG
• What Windows OS variants you need this to work on
• If you need debug/release libraries
• If you need 64bit and/or 32bit support
• What GPU(s) you are targeting
• Fixed pipeline OpenGL or modern OpenGL or both
• Do you need osgQt
• How you intend to perform acceptance test.

I would also suggest answering some of the questions already raised such as the one from Robert ‘Could you explain what your project goals and constraints are’. 

I would also suggest asking yourself the question; would it be cheaper to port your application to Visual Studio?

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Back to the main thread,

Dear kornerr,

is there somewhere else other than AlphaPixel that could
help with a TDM/GNU Win64 build, given that AlphaPixel
can't help me?

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