[osg-users] [ANN] Windows Binaries of OSG 3.4.0 : Visual C++ 2015 and Intel C++ 2016

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Mon Mar 25 01:54:17 PDT 2019

HI Zachary,

On Mon, 25 Mar 2019 at 05:14, Zachary1234 <osgforum at tevs.eu> wrote:
> -I am after a public download for Win64 OSG library stable (with Headers)
> which will be compatible with TDM, or compatible with G++ Windows (secondarily).  Can someone perhaps pursue creating this kind of a build,
> and offering it through the internet for public download?

This is an open source community, not a free service that provides
anything that people want.  The community have jobs, have lives, have
their own projects.  If people want to come forward and provide things
like binaries for the platforms that they can then this is really
appreciated, but it's absolutely not something that others in the
community can demand.  I wouldn't presume anything and consider time
that others give as a real gift, and I'm the project lead with nearly
two decades of service, I and wouldn't demand stuff from the
community.  I'm not alone in thinking it rather out of place for
others to be demanding that others do work for them so they don't have

If you have the need for something specific that others haven't
already provided then you may be the one to provide them.  If you
aren't that person then perhaps you could hire an engineer to do it
for you.  If you can't do any of these options then consider using a
more common platform/build tool combination.

As a general note, if you are programmer, that is a pre-requisite for
being an OSG users, then you should have the skills to build the OSG
yourself.  Even if you have 3rd party binaries I would still recommend
that users develop the skills to build them.  There is so much power
in open source because you can get the source, compile it, debug with
it, fix it.


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