[osg-users] [ANN] Windows Binaries of OSG 3.4.0 : Visual C++ 2015 and Intel C++ 2016

Zachary1234 osgforum at tevs.eu
Sun Mar 24 22:15:18 PDT 2019

To Stuart,

people are grateful for the Objexx Win64 OSG library builds that are there,
however my particular issue is that these are only for intel and MSVC.

This thread does seem to say that the future plan is for OSG, one way or another, to provide more binary library builds (with C++ header files, of course) moving forward.

-I have understoond that the TDM compiler for Windows is fully compatible with GNU C++ for windows, including libraries and headers.  Is this in fact still true?

-I am after a public download for Win64 OSG library stable (with Headers)
which will be compatible with TDM, or compatible with G++ Windows (secondarily).  Can someone perhaps pursue creating this kind of a build,
and offering it through the internet for public download?

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