[osg-users] getTextureObjectManager not found

Shane MacLaughlin shane at atlascomputers.ie
Fri Mar 15 02:51:33 PDT 2019


I'm rebuilding some older code from the OpenSceneGraph Cookbook, and while I've had a number of minor build errors, most are easy enough to correct.  One I'm having difficulty with is

osg::Texture::getTextureObjectManager(0)->setMaxTexturePoolSize( 64000 );

which reports

 error C2039: 'getTextureObjectManager': is not a member of 'osg::Texture'

Going back to OpenSceneGraph 3.4.0 it is there, but not 3.6.3.  Just wondering if there is a work around or am I better sticking to OSG 3.4.0 for the older code?

Thank you!


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