[osg-users] EditorConfig file?

Chris Djali krizdjali at gmail.com
Thu Mar 14 09:35:58 PDT 2019

I just grepped the repo for tabs just in case, and found that that's not entirely accurate. There are a few files where tabs have snuck into otherwise space-indented files (which is fine - adding an editorconfig file won't meddle with existing stuff until someone edits that line), but it looks like there are a few cases where asking more questions would be a good idea:

	osgAndroidExampleGLES1 and GLES2 use tabs exclusively for their java, xml and mk files, and I don't know whether that's something we want to override, whether we want specific settings for those projects, or whether we want to prefer tabs globally for java, xml and mk files.

	There are some files in places like osghangglide, osgviewerFOX and many of the plugins that use either nothing but tabs, or mainly tabs, and it might be more pragmatic to have exceptions made for those files. There's probably some threshold where it makes sense to make a distinction between accidental tabs and intentional tabs, and it might be 
the whole file uses tabs or it might not, but if so, knowing where it is would be good.
	There are a lot of tabs in src/osg/glu/libtess/ and I'm assuming that's because it originally came from somewhere else (which I also suspect is the source of the tabs in several of the plugins). If so, excluding it from OSG's indentation rules might be prudent.


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