[osg-users] EditorConfig file?

Chris Djali krizdjali at gmail.com
Wed Mar 13 17:02:28 PDT 2019


I just noticed (when looking at a local modification and realising my IDE had added tabs to a file using spaces) that the OSG repo doesn't contain an EditorConfig file. This is basically a file that instructs IDEs and editors of a project's whitespace style, overriding the user's settings when they don't match, reducing the chances that someone accidentally messes things up.

I reckon it would be a pretty good idea for OSG to include one. A few other projects I've worked on have done so, and it's been a great help not having to change my indentation settings when changing from project to project.

To be clear, I'm not suggesting something only supported by a couple of editors - it's pretty widely adopted, with many tools coming with native support, and yet more with a plugin available. The list is available here: https://editorconfig.org/


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