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Hi David,
 There is only OpenVR integrated in osg,and It's not maintained anymore. [osgOpenVrViewer](https://github.com/ChrisDenham/osgopenvrviewer) And It only supports osg single thread mode.

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I guess that I'm going to gripe on this subject like I did a year ago!
I know that OpenXR is at least in Open Bata and I was wondering what progress anyone has made incorporating it in OSG. 

While I was in GDC I did see Khronos make some progress in this area and I even got to see someone do a demo of a VR display using HTC Vive. I challenged the group that worked on that and never heard from them again.

I think one of the holdbacks was the interactive controls was not set yet, but from my perspective, they could have worked at the visual. 

I know that if I had the time and resources that I would hack this out, but one of the sad drawbacks of having a job is not having the time. It must be that most people still see this technology as a flash in the pan, but I think it’s taking on traction.  


Thank you!

David Glenn.

David Glenn
D Glenn 3D Computer Graphics Entertainment.

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