[osg-users] Different views hide/show different nodes shared scene graph

Catalin Flower inbox.icf at gmail.com
Thu Apr 18 07:15:33 PDT 2019

Hi Robert,

The object is made up of different sub-types which I can hide/show using the masks. Is works fine with the NodeMask for sub-types and CullMask on the camera.

However I need an extra layer to show/hide the entire object. Remember I have a shared graph with multiple views. I have many objects: Obj1, Obj2, ... 

During the rendering I need to show/hide Obj1, Obj2 etc.

This is my problem now and that can be fixed during rendering if I have access to RenderInfo somehow during cull traversal.

I know there is bool osg::Drawable::Cullback::cull (osg::NodeVisitor *nv, osg::Drawable *drawable, osg::RenderInfo *renderInfo) but this is called only for osg::Drawable nodes, I need one to be called for every node in the scene graph.

Also I see there is osg::Node::setCullCallback() by using NodeCallback but it doesn't have access to RenderInfo or Camera and it doesn't return a bool value.

I need a callback with bool as return during cull traversal and to have access to RenderInfo or the camera.

Hope this makes sense to you.

Thank you!


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