[osg-users] Changing minFilter/magFilter of texture in osgVolume::RayTracedTechnique

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Wed Apr 17 06:26:58 PDT 2019

Hi Saliesh,

Looking at the code in the 3.6 branch can see that it's hardwired to LINEAR
and doesn't check the Layer setting.  I must written the Layer class and
then later when I added RayTechnique didn't wire up the Filter settings.  I
can't see any reason why it shouldn't work fine to just read the Layer
Filter settings and given the public API this is what should be done.  I
see that the MultipassTechnique and FixedFunctionTechnique all suffer the
same hard wring.  Clearly it's something that I missed when developing
osgVolume.  It's quite a niche tool so only a small % of the community use
it so assume that the hardwired defaults have been fine for those that have
used it as I don't recall this limitation being raised before.

I think the best step is to fix the 3.6 and 3.4 branches, and 3.0 too 3.2
if you really want to continue using the much older releases.  Feel free to
fix this and generate a PR on github, if not please generate a Issue on
github so that I don't forgot to look at it next time I'm doing bug
fixing/updates on the OSG side.

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