[osg-users] Different views hide/show different nodes

Catalin Flower inbox.icf at gmail.com
Wed Apr 17 02:56:13 PDT 2019


I have an old application using OpengGL and I am porting it to OSG.
I have one scene graph shared by multiple views. The problem is some views have some objects hidden.

My solution:

I have used osg::Drawable::CullCallback to hide some objects by implementing
virtual bool cull(osg::NodeVisitor* nv, osg::Drawable* drawable, osg::RenderInfo* renderInfo) const;

It works great. Is this the canonical way to hide objects with a share scene graph in multiple views?

My next problem is picking objects. How do I pick objects in shared scene graph in multiple views when I use CullCallback to hide some objects(nodes) ? How can I make the picker behave like the rendering which used CullCallback ?

Thank you!


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