[osg-users] Missing features with GL Core profile

Hugo Laloge hugo.laloge at yahoo.fr
Tue Apr 16 04:23:17 PDT 2019


I use OpenSceneGraph and I want to use some features of OpenGL 3.3 and the Core profile. I compiled OpenSceneGraph with the option -DOPENGL_PROFILE=GL3. I got the features I wanted, however, some features of OSG do not work anymore, as lighting with osg::Light, osg::LineWidth, osg::LineStipple on so on.

I know OSG is mainly built uppon GL2 features, and that Fixed Function Pipeline is not available in core profile, but I expected for "basic" features as light or lines to work.

It the support of those features in Core profile is planned? Or do I have to implement shaders myself? Or are there any existing implementation?

Thank you for your time,

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