[osg-users] osgText 3.6.3 crash

Trajce Nikolov NICK trajce.nikolov.nick at gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 05:24:12 PDT 2018

Hi Robert,

we are experiencing some crashes in our sim software. And I know you will
not like this post since I can not produce minimal case exercising this
issue - I tried to mimic the sim code into one simple app but in this
minimal app all works just great. So I will try to explain and count on you
with hints

The environment is multithreaded:
- high res thread updating labels guarded by mutex
- the osg threads with update callbacks on osgText::Text that is setting
the labels with setText(...) guarded  by mutex

The env is XUbuntu 18, NVIDIA GTX 1080

And the crash happens at
Text::drawImplementationSinglePass ln: 1151
glyphquad._primitives->draw(state, usingVertexBufferObjects);

which furthers

DrawElementsUShort::draw ln: 266

if (_numInstances>=1) state.glDrawElementsInstanced(mode, size(),
GL_UNSIGNED_SHORT, (const GLvoid *)(ebo->getOffset(getBufferIndex())),
            else glDrawElements(mode, size(), GL_UNSIGNED_SHORT, (const
GLvoid *)(ebo->getOffset(getBufferIndex())));

_numInstances is 0 when the crash happens so the crash happens here:

glDrawElements(mode, size(), GL_UNSIGNED_SHORT, (const GLvoid

Any clue or at least a thought when this can happen? Mean while I will
continue testing and will really try again to make a small app reproducing
this behavior

Thanks a bunch as always!


trajce nikolov nick
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