[osg-users] Resolving FBX warnings

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 07:31:34 PDT 2018

Hi All,

I recently updated my OS to Kubuntu 18.04 and when I build the OSG I
now getting warnings that I hadn't seen before, I'm working through
these and will be checking in fixes for them, but one I haven't worked
out how to resolve:

/home/robert/3rdParty/FBX_2019/include/fbxsdk/core/fbxproperty.h: In
member function ‘T fbxsdk::FbxPropertyT<T>::EvaluateValue(const
fbxsdk::FbxTime&, bool)’:
warning: invalid use of incomplete type ‘class
    return GetAnimationEvaluator()-> template
GetPropertyValue<T>(*this, pTime, pForceEval);
My compiler is:

$ g++ --version
g++ (Ubuntu 7.3.0-16ubuntu3) 7.3.0

I saw this error with FBX_2015 that I had previously installed, so I
installed FBX_2019 but still get the same error.

I can't see a way of fixing this by including files, and I haven't yet
worked out how to suppress the error.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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