[osg-users] OSG and Xinerama

Eric Sokolowsky esok127 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 7 04:58:26 PDT 2018

I have been using OpenSceneGraph 3.4 with my application. Recently I tried
out OSG 3.6 and everything seems to work, with the following difference.
When I run my app with OSG 3.4 on a dual-monitor setup (Linux using
Xinerama) the application only uses one monitor, while the same application
using OSG 3.6 spreads the window across both monitors. I actually prefer my
application to just use one monitor. Once upon a time, Producer had these
text-based configuration files which I found to be very useful, but I'm not
sure if such configuration is possible any more. Is there a way to indicate
that only one monitor is to be used, using OSG API calls, environment
variables, or some sort of configuration file?

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