[osg-users] GL profiles issues on Windows

Riccardo Corsi riccardo.corsi at kairos3d.it
Thu Sep 6 08:43:09 PDT 2018

Hi Robert,

I tried adding the setShaderHint() line but things get a bit worse - alpha
issue still there and not text at all, see attached screenshot.

I get display errors also in my other HUD contents where I actually use gl_
builtins so your guess might be right,
but unfortunately adding the ShaderHint does not fix it.


On Thu, Sep 6, 2018 at 12:42 PM Robert Osfield <robert.osfield at gmail.com>

> Hi Ricardo,
> On Thu, 6 Sep 2018 at 10:49, Riccardo Corsi <riccardo.corsi at kairos3d.it>
> wrote:
> > good guess! I've enabled the aliasing and my shaders works now with osg
> default build!
> > With this configuration there is still a side effect though: something
> is wrong with alpha settings for HUD cameras.
> > See attached screenshot that shows the issue: it's a modified
> osgsimplegl3 example with stats handler enabled, but I have alpha issues
> with other HUDs as well.
> > I've counter checked in my examples that the 2 aliasing/uniform calls
> are the culprit: if I comment them out the shaders don't work anymore but
> the stats are displayed correctly.
> I'm busy with other work right now so can't look at the modified code
> right away.
> My best guess right now is that osgText and the StatsHandler are using
> GL2 shader paths that assume gl_ builtins are available, but with the
> aliasing enabled perhaps this is causing problem.  Could you set the
> DIsplaySettings ShaderHint to GL3 to see if that helps i.e.
> To the main before the scene graph setup add:
>  osg::DisplaySettings::instance()->setShaderHint(osg::DisplaySettings::SHADER_GL3);
> Robert.
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