[osg-users] Adding Constraints to Draggers

Garfield Pig yuqicxy at foxmail.com
Thu Oct 25 20:37:30 PDT 2018

Hi Max,
   Robert is right,add constraint to dragger.
   You can find the constraint work on command in dispatch method  of class Dragger.
   As for the example,you can see the class GridConstraint inherited from class Contraint.
   Just add breakpoint,and follow the code,you can know how it work clearly. 

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Hi Robert,

ah okay, I understand. Thank you for your fast reply.

I saw OpenSceneGraph/examples/osgmanipulator/osgmanipulator.cpp and I noticed, that it also uses the Constraint class. However, I don't quite understand it unfortunately. All constrain methods of the class are set to true here and I don't get why this was done. Okay, but then I will try to take a deeper look into the code.

But how is the situation currently? Are osgmanipulator and especially the dragger classes are still used today? Or do most people rather write everything from scratch instead of using osgmanipulator?

Thank you for your help! :)


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