[osg-users] osgQt flickering with high framerates

Sebastian Schmidt herrdersuppen at gmail.com
Tue May 29 08:04:27 PDT 2018

After i have finished moving my gui code from osg to qt, 
i noticed a strange render bug in my scene.
Basically i have a compositeviewer with two views, each view has a GLWidget/QWidget
like in the osgviewerQt example.
osgViewer and Qt each run in separate thread.

The first view contains also my 3D scene.
When i create and add the second view to the compositeviewer, textures of the scene start to flicker. 
Depending on current framerate, the flickering is increasing (~60 fps) 
or is not visible (<30 fps).

OSG Version: 3.4.1
OS: OpenSuse Leap 42.1

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