[osg-users] OpenSceneGraph-3.6.1 release candidate 3 tagged

Alberto Luaces aluaces at udc.es
Fri May 11 03:46:49 PDT 2018

Robert Osfield writes:

> Hi Alberto,
> Thanks for the minimal crashing program.  The crash wasn't straight
> forward to pinpoint the cause but eventually I traced it back to the
> the ObjectCache taking a ref_ptr<Options> when search for entries in
> the ObjectCache.  To avoid this I wrote a ObjectCache::find(..) method
> that doesn't create a temporary ref_ptr<> to the Options being passed
> in.  This fix is checked in the OpenSceneGaprh-3.6 branch and master.
>    https://github.com/openscenegraph/OpenSceneGraph/commit/fcde92ad89af44a9724a5ebf9fbfdf59b6e41d68

Thank you very much, Robert!  I confirm it is also working for here.

> As a general comment use of C++11's auto is something you should be
> careful about using, easy to hide the face that you just have C
> pointers and associated memory leaks.

Oh, yes, thanks as well for the advice.  Nowadays I even don't trust
myself anymore, so I just rely on what Valgrind is saying to me  :-)


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