[osg-users] Getting the combined matrix from a Node?

Rowley, Marlin R marlin.r.rowley at lmco.com
Mon May 7 11:58:54 PDT 2018


I'm trying to figure out how to retrieve the combined matrix from a node that is of a PositionAttitudeTransform node type.  I can get it converted to a Transform() class, but there is no clear way of getting the combined matrix from local to world.  For example,

Osg::PositionAttitudeTransform trans;

Osg::Matrixd temp = getCombinedTransform(trans);
Osg::Matrixd getCombinedTransform(const osg::ref_ptr<osg::Node> & mat)
              Auto m = mat->asTransform();
              Return m->computeLocalToWorldMatrix (m, ???); << ====== why use a node visitor on yourself?


              Return m->getCombinedMatrix()?? <<  ===== is there such a thing?

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