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Ali Ozdin alinailozdin at gmail.com
Wed Mar 14 03:27:57 PDT 2018

Hi Robert,

Firstly, I am grateful for your quick reply.

I intend to have a 3D view that is overlay by the Orthographic view as a HUD. That is right. So i am trying to derive hud example. Because of this, i have added the hud camera as a slave.
You say that slave cameras only clear the depth buffer and I think problem is that. 
The only thing i did not understand you say that i did not set up the main camera. I am asking to you "How to set up the main camera?" In osgviewerQt example, Nothing is done to viewer's default camera except setting graphic context to default camera. I have already set the graphical context to the default camera in addition to setting it to the slave camera. But nothing changed.
On the other hand the same code works well if i dont integrate it to QT. There is no problem related to the depth buffer or any other thing.

Finally, The problem is still unresolved. Any other idea??

Best regards,

robertosfield wrote:
> Hi Ali,
> I'm not a Qt expert, but I have just had a look through your code
> example and don't see anywhere you have set up a the View's main
> Camera.  I looks like you just add a Slave camara, and that slave
> Camera only clears the depth buffer.
> I don't understand why you have gone for the set up you have, if you
> just need a single orthographic view then you should just set up the
> View's master Camera's projection and view matrix accordingly and not
> both with the addSlave.
> If you intend to have a 3D view that is overlay by the Orthographic
> view as a HUD, and the two are directly related then a slave Camera
> might be appropriate.  Ask yourself, conceptually is the HUD a
> different View, or is it contributing to the same View.
> Robert.
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