[osg-users] Intergration with QT

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Wed Mar 14 02:32:57 PDT 2018

Hi Ali,

On 14 March 2018 at 07:50, Ali Ozdin <alinailozdin at gmail.com> wrote:
> I think my problem is osg writes each frame on the previous frame without removing the objects on the previous frame.
> How can I solve this? Any idea?

I'm not a Qt expert, but I have just had a look through your code
example and don't see anywhere you have set up a the View's main
Camera.  I looks like you just add a Slave camara, and that slave
Camera only clears the depth buffer.

I don't understand why you have gone for the set up you have, if you
just need a single orthographic view then you should just set up the
View's master Camera's projection and view matrix accordingly and not
both with the addSlave.

If you intend to have a 3D view that is overlay by the Orthographic
view as a HUD, and the two are directly related then a slave Camera
might be appropriate.  Ask yourself, conceptually is the HUD a
different View, or is it contributing to the same View.


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