[osg-users] Looking for FBX models to test out our FBX plugin

Julien Valentin julienvalentin51 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 17:17:16 PST 2018

Hi Robert
I tested the two models with Software transform implementations in osganimationviewer and it worked quite well
-The rig only test was successfull
-The rig+morph test gives strange result : I suspect morphtarget arent yet well supported (no MorphGeometry outputed)
It doesn't help a lot but still it 's  a feedback..:/

robertosfield wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm currently looking to re-factor elements of the FBX plugin to make
> it more cleaner and flexible but don't have many FBX models myself to
> test things.  If you have models that you can share publically or
> privately then I'd appreciate being able to add these to my sure any
> changes I make don't cause any regressions.
> For now my focus will be unifying the way that textures are read and
> setup in the OSG's FBX plugin.  I've got a small window of time in
> which to look at a few outstanding issues, so will do what I can, it
> won't be a major re-factor of the FBX plugin.
> Thanks in advance for any FBX models you can share.
> Cheers,
> Robert.
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