[osg-users] osgviewer camera initial angle.

Vagn Budak vagnilcorsaro at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 20 07:31:29 PDT 2018

Hello there,

I am using osgviewer in order to plot both the left- and right-eye image of a point cloud which is stored in a '.osg' file.

The commands I use are quite simple:

Left:   osgviewer --display MONITOR --screen 1 --stereo LEFT_EYE File.osg
Right: osgviewer --display MONITOR --screen 1 --stereo RIGHT_EYE File.osg

What I need to do is to print out the image of both the left- and right-eye for a given angle of viewing of the camera. Unfortunately, the angle of viewing is not the initial one, thus I have to use the mouse .. but I can't really keep truck of the rotation angle induced by the mouse, and thus I can't force the same viewing angle for both images.

I was wondering how would you tackle such a problem. Is there a way to force the viewing angle from the command line? Or do I have to modify the source code of the Trackball camera manipulator (default manipulator)?

Thank you for your time,



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