[osg-users] Announcement: VulkanSceneGraph and SceneGraphTestBed!

Thomas Hogarth thomas.hogarth at gmail.com
Fri Jun 8 18:59:15 PDT 2018

Add my two cents

I'd by up for making a small unit test application framework. This is also a problem for osg examples at the mo. They only run in console/desktop environments.

I could develop a simple DemoBase class or whatever, examples and Unit tests inherit from that and then for each platform (desktop, iOS, Android etc) make a simple launcher frame work. 

Regarding the actual VulkanSceneGraph. I like the idea of keeping it as just a pure scenegraph and renderer then having node kits. It's not just about dependencies for me but speedy building and testing.

An issue for me with osg at the moment isn't the dependancies for the plugins. You can do a lot with zero third party libs. The issue is that there are just sooooo many plugins it's a blessing and a curse. A system which when I generated my project let me select the plugins I wanted would be awesome. A full build of osg on mobile platforms can take well over an hour but it's mainly the plugins users will probably never use that take all the time.

I know that's really just an issue when you build osg but it really puts me off doing tests for releases.

Regarding macOS not currently supporting Vulkan. The same will be true of UWP apps, but hopefully a similar solution to Angle will be available. Most of the changes in the UWP port aren't related to using Angle, that's pretty much just using different headers and libs. The changes were mostly for UWP itself, file access etc.

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