[osg-users] Announcement: VulkanSceneGraph and SceneGraphTestBed!

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Wed Jun 6 02:28:50 PDT 2018

On 5 June 2018 at 21:42, Ravi Mathur <ravidavi at utexas.edu> wrote:
> Nevertheless, supporting MacOS alongside Windows & Linux is a necessity in
> my field (aerospace). It looks like Vulkan will be available on OSX, even if
> it's without Apple's official support. Once VulkanSceneGraph gets going,
> I'll do my bit to help with Mac support.

Thanks for the offer. I'm hoping that Mac support won't be a huge effort.

VulkanSceneGraph on Mac will offer a path long term for existing
OpenSceneGraph users, but migrating to a new scene graph is now small
matter, even one that's has the same lead's paw prints all over it.
For existing OpenSceneGraph users under Mac having a 3rd party
OpenGL/OpenGLES -> Metal library might be the way forward.

For the rest of the platforms life should be a bit easier, OpenGL will
remain supported, so use of OpenSceneGraph will remain problem free.
Users can then port to VulkanSceneGraph if and when they choose.

>From my perspective I'm just going to keep focused on making the
VulkanSceneGraph a compelling scene graph, and maintaining the
OpenSceneGraph so it's a solid base for existing users. My focus on
cross platform portability will not be explicit focus, instead it'll
just fall out from just not doing things in a platform specific way,
i.e. just stick to C++11 (or later),  Vulkan and cross platform build
tools and well, basically, you are 90% the way there on the
portability front.


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