[osg-users] OSG in Gtk3 GLArea

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 00:53:40 PDT 2018

Hi SJH, (I'm afriad this still isn't great, how is my brain supposed
to parse SJH?  S J H? Attempt to blurt it out as single word? Is this
how people address you face to face?  Please just a human name is
best. :)

I haven't personally tried the approach of mixing and matching
different types of windows before.  I think perhaps for you it is the
line of least resistance though, but as I haven't ever tried to
implement I don't know off the top of my head all the pitfalls.

PixelBuffers are fixed size so once you create them they can't be
resized like a conventional GraphicsWindow.  If the window you are
copying the data to is resized then you'll either need to allocate a
new PixelBuffer or allocate an oversized PixelBuffer at start up and
then use a varying size of viewport to adjust it's size to the size of
the window.

The other cheeky way to do it would be to disable resize on the
window.  Perhaps as a first step this is what I'd do, get everything
else working well then go back an work on handling resize.

FYI, I may end up attempting to do something like you are doing during
my Vulkan experiments, just to see if I can assign Vulkan rendered
graphics to a buffer then mix it with an OSG or other window. If this
ends up being feasible and useful some of the supporting functionality
might be rolled into the next OSG release, and just might help out in
your case a bit too.  This is all massively speculatively so please
don't expect anything, just be aware it's one of the many different
possibilities that I have in mind.


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