[osg-users] Announcement: VulkanSceneGraph and SceneGraphTestBed!

Paweł Księżopolski pawel.ksiezopolsk at gmail.com
Mon Jun 4 10:48:04 PDT 2018

> Thanks for the link to your pumex library. 
> I've downloaded it and run the examples. 

I encourage you to take a look at the sourcecode 
of the examples - I made it similar to OSG code.

> If there are any resources that you've found 
> really helpful let me know. 

Vulkan specification is the most comprehensive source of knowledge about 
the API - it's long but it is a must for any developer taking it seriously :


As for the books I recommend "Vulkan Programming Guide" written 
by Graham Sellers. Sometime ago it was even available for free in
certain countries on Google Play bookstore :


Active forums discussing Vulkan include Khronos forums :


and Vulkan subreddit :


Sascha Willems wrote a good set of Vulkan demos, that show how to 
implement certain features :


There's also a curated list of useful links to everything 
associated with Vulkan :


Meanwhile I will try to write some article or two about my design, 
but I see that I don't have to be in a hurry ( which will be good 
for article quality ) while you learn Vulkan. I will post a link
to it when I'll finish.

As for the Mac/iOS platform - it was Apple's choice to skip 
Vulkan and go only with their Metal API. Maybe things will change
on that platform before VSG becomes mature enough.

Paweł Księżopolski

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