[osg-users] TriangleStrip mesh is not smooth...

Mike Raider miketimmons at gmail.com
Mon Jun 4 10:33:28 PDT 2018


"it kinds seems like an odd thing that are doing, 
shifting and replacing rows for some reason is not normally how one 
manages terrain. Could you take a step back and explain what you are 
trying to achieve in your application w.r.t terrain"

I am just starting to develop a 3D app my usual domain is deep learning and searching.  I saw a demo of OSG using a simple terrain and thought I could turn my boring 2D app into a sexy 3D app.  I underestimated the effort involved.  I use linux named pipe message queue to send real time data from my java application to my osg application.  Once in osg I fill my terrain matrix as data is received.  The shifting of rows is to move data from front to back as data is received.  It works very well and much better than my old 2D user interface.

I started this tread trying to solve a mesh problem and fixed that problem by cleaning my original data much better.  Now my terrain is looking very nice.  Thank you for your comments that made me stop and look at data again.

Your comment 'this is not normally how one manages terrain'.  Probably, what approach would you suggest to build a 3d mesh that is filled in real time?  Can you point me to an example?


Thank you!


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