[osg-users] Model(s) load ~10 times longer in 3.6.x than 3.4.x series in osgviewer (and my in-house software)

James Davis davisjamesf at gmail.com
Thu Jul 5 11:49:29 PDT 2018

Ok...did a little testing and found that loading speed does NOT depend on image textures.   

I created a test plane and subdivided it to make many faces and extruded every other one to give it a little depth.  The face count of my plane is ~43k faces.  I UV textured the sample plane with a jpeg, one with a png, and one with no image.   I converted each to a .obj.  The no-image had about the same poor performance in loading as with the jpeg or png.   Note that loading time doesn't matter if I convert to a osg or ive first and then load.

So, for some reason, OSG 3.6.x is taking a lot longer loading a higher faced/vert count .obj (or osg or ive) object than 3.4.1.  This is a show stopper for my customer, and I'll have to stick with 3.4.1 until something is figured out.

Suggestions? Thoughts? Are there any optimization switches I've missed that was not default before building the 3.6.x series?

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