[osg-users] Same vertices selected multiple times

Antoine Rennuit antoinerennuit at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 15 07:47:29 PST 2018

Hello and thanks for your answer,

What you mean is that I should share the vertices when building the osg::Geometry, right?

This is possible indeed, but then OSG would still select faces in the osgUtil::PolytopeIntersector, and I would still have to convert the faces into vertices, right? So if I understand well, what you are saying is that I should then convert the faces back into vertex iindices using a reference to the primivites set triangles_osg (and not via 3 * primitives[i] + 0/1/2 as currently done). And finally I understand that this would return redundant vertex indices (which are much easier to make unique than vertex coordinates).

Did I get it?

Kind regards,


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