[osg-users] Questions concerning Performance issues using model with bones and animation

Julien Valentin julienvalentin51 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 27 14:41:10 PST 2018

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Andrea74 wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> this post concerning very slow performance when load model with bones and animation in openscenegraph 3.5.3 win64.
> I'm using a 3d Hand (created with blender 2.79 exported both fbx and osgt) which contains 17 bones and 9 animations (These animations were built using dopesheet -> action editor  and then inserted to nla stack).
> I noticed the following:
> - If i use osganimationhardware example with --software parameter  performance are very low (see picture HardwareAnimation_software_itHasAllAnimations.png)
> - if i use osganimationhardware example (in hardware mode) performance are good (see picture HardwareAnimation_software_itHasAllAnimations.png)
> My questions are:
> - why does Update process takes so much time? Is it possible to modify 3D model and/or  scenegraph nodes to improve update performance using --software parameter?
> - Previously i used  osgAnimation::BasicAnimationManager class for reading and play animation, using timeline (3d model contains bones too). In this way i am able to control hand gesture according to some input (i.e. oculus touch trigger pressing). 
> Unfortunately with this approach (very similar with software parameter) i get low performance on update. Is osganimationhardware with hardware parameter the only suitable solution to improve performance?
> Thank you!
> Cheers,
> Andrea

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