[osg-users] Off topic question and request for ideas

Werner Modenbach Werner.Modenbach at texion.eu
Fri Dec 14 06:34:40 PST 2018

Hi all,

first of all I apologize for an off topic question.
I spent weeks already in the Internet for finding a solution for a
problem - without success.
And I know there are a lot of experienced people here in the list.

I'm doing high quality simulations of textiles from machine data. So I
have to
simulate each yarn as realistic as possible. This works perfect if the
yarn is not hairy.
That means it has no filaments pinning out of the surface i.e. like wool.
The only approaches I found so far are here:
Both of them have big cons for my requirements.

Is anybody here having hints or ideas for solving this problem?

Sorry for this off topic message. Please answer to my PM in order not to
spam to much to the list.

Many thanks for any help

- Werner -

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