[osg-users] Shadow in GraphicsWindowEmbedded

Cong Ye sirian_ye at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 14 23:55:31 PDT 2018


I am recently encountered an interesting problem. I am trying to add shadow to a scene embedded in osgViewer::GraphicsWindowEmbedded. Most of shadow algorithms are working fine if i use osg::Viewer only. However, if I use them in GraphicsWindowEmbedded, nothing will be displayed.

The setting code would be:
        _mGraphicsWindow = new osgViewer::GraphicsWindowEmbedded( this->x(), this->y(),
                                                                  this->width(), this->height() );

        osg::Camera* camera = new osg::Camera;
        camera->setViewport( 0, 0, this->width(), this->height() );
        camera->setClearColor( osg::Vec4( 0.9f, 0.9f, 1.f, 1.f ) );
        float aspectRatio = static_cast<float>( this->width()) / static_cast<float>( this->height() );
        camera->setProjectionMatrixAsPerspective( 30.f, aspectRatio, 1.f, 1000.f );
        camera->setGraphicsContext( _mGraphicsWindow );

If i override the shadow and assign the graphiccontext to the shadow camera, the scene can be rendered, but all in black. 

Thank you for any help!


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