[osg-users] MacOSX/Core Profile: Attribute aliasing behavior ?

Julien Valentin julienvalentin51 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 1 10:46:04 PDT 2018

In core context, osg wraps deprecated arrays (Vertex,Normal) to vertex array attributes that's why a few are reserved for this purpose (VertexArrayAttrib 0 to 5 If i remember).
It can appears wrong but it's the choice made to preserve both gl compatibility and osg semantic.

remoe wrote:
> mp3butcher wrote:
> > Sorry but it seams to me the question was answered a lot of time on the forum..
> > core gl context have dropped the standard fixed pipeline so in core context glsl you must define all your variable as old built-in (gl_XXX) have been removed. 
> > 
> Thanks, my fault :) I've fixed this. Now i can reproduce it with SECOND_COLORS attribute index. OSG select '3' for 'osg_MultiTexCoord0' even though it's used. This is wrong? But this is not exactly what i will reproduce.

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