[osg-users] get some "std::bad_alloc" exception in DatabasePager::DatabaseThread::run---readNodeFile function

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Thu Apr 26 00:51:13 PDT 2018

Hi Guojiang,

On 26 April 2018 at 02:27, Guojiang Zheng <osgforum at tevs.eu> wrote:
>     Thank you for your reply! I develop my activex control using osg3.5.10 and osgearth2.9,compiling with x86.I use the activex in web application or C# Winform application. I use a smarth3d oblique osgb mesh data,20GB.My computer is Alienware,32GB RAM.My application use less than 1GB RAM when accessing the mesh data.

There are too many application specific things in the mix for others
to be able to help you much.  The best we can do is provide general
programming advice on how to hunt down bugs.

My first suggestion would be to create a small C++ application that
creates a osgViewer with it's native windowing and then load your data
with it.  If this crashes still then it should be much easier to home
in on the crash, and if it looks like a bug in osgEarth or the OSG
then you will be able to share the data and the small application so
that others can reproduce the problem and help fix it.

If you don' get the crash with the C++ application then at least you
know that problem is coming from the ActiveX/C# stuff you are
embedding things within.  You are on your own with debugging this
stuff as this has has nothing to do with the OSG, the OSG doesn't not
officially or unofficial support ActiveX or C#.

Another thing worth doing is moving to the stable version of the OSG
as now the OSG-3.6.0 stable release is out the 3.5.x developer
releases are no longer supported.


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