[osg-users] load a osg model with rigged animation (exported by 3dsmax)

Raymond de Vries reedev at xs4all.nl
Fri Nov 24 03:54:01 PST 2017


Not knowing the details of your model and how it is setup, it is 
hard/impossible to make other suggestions. I do know that the fbx format 
does support skinned models and that the osg fbx plugin can load and 
render them properly. Fbx supports a lot of combinations so I suggest to 
look into details of the code and not only do quick tests with some 
standard examples.

For specific solutions/in-depth help about specific models, it is best 
to contact me directly.


On 24/11/2017 12:47, Andrea Martini wrote:
> Hi Raymond,
> unfortunally also with fbx file, animationManager used in osganimationhardware is null.
> About step : 3DSMax→Blender→osgexport
> both with 3ds and fbx to blender, model appears very different from the original (mesh and controllers).
> Does exist other test that i should try?
> Thank you
> Andrea
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