[osg-users] Get RGB Values from Texture

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Wed Nov 15 13:30:54 PST 2017

Hi Maxim,

On 15 November 2017 at 20:13, Maxim Stere <osgforum at tevs.eu> wrote:
> My Image is in GL_RGBA format stored as GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE
> Given that information, is there a way to decompose the Unsigned Byte I get from Image->data(x,y,0) to R, G, B and A?

Yes there is a way.

That's as much as an answer as I will give as this basic C/OpenGL,
it's something you should be able to work out yourself, I would
encourage you to have a think for yourself what the options might be,
experiment, you'll lean far more thinking about the problem and
finding the solution than have every fine grained issue spoon fed to


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