[osg-users] OsgText compile issue with the newer versions of OSG

Curtis Rubel crubel at compro.net
Wed Nov 15 11:29:57 PST 2017

Hello community,

   I was attempting to test the latest release of OSG 3.5.8 and am now getting
some compiler errors.

error: ‘const struct osgText::Text::GlyphQuads’ has no member named ‘getCoords’

Snippet of the code in question:


std::vector<osg::Vec2>				coords;

osgText::Text::TextureGlyphQuadMap& tgqm = const_cast<osgText::Text::TextureGlyphQuadMap&>(_text->getTextureGlyphQuadMap());

const osgText::Text::GlyphQuads& gq = tgqmi->second;


We are using this code to control onscreen text command line input.
What would be the proper way to fix this code under the newer versions of OSG to
accomplish the same, if it is still possible in some way?

Any hints would be appreciated.

Thank you all as always...


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