[osg-users] [forum] Using OSG after a very long hiatus

Rodrigo Dias rodrigo1406 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 1 13:34:09 PST 2017


Book? C'mon! We're in 2017!! How do OSG intend to be a great 3D base without an up to date tutorial on-line?

I'm trying the tutorials in the wiki of openscenegraph dot org (can't upload the link before I have 2 posts...)

they're about 8~9 years old, and they're crashing most of the time (although I could run the first one twice already -- but they're fragile as glass: comment and uncomment a line and all of a sudden all you can get is "Segmentation fault". The only solution for me was to start a new project. But the first time the Release didn't run, now the Debug don't run).

This here (another one in github called osgteapot.cpp from artoolkit) looks quite new (less than a year old), but it's strange how it creates the viewer (line 342). In the other tutorial, the viewer looked like a pre-created Singleton.

My suspicion is about NVIDIA drivers, thread division of memory. Looks like I'm gonna try a different platform for 3D soon. :(

Thank you!


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