[osg-users] Who is frustrated not to serialize their bufferobject configuration?

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Wed Mar 29 01:48:07 PDT 2017

Hi Julien,

The parts of your PR that I have not merged broke the current design
and implementation of the current BufferData/BufferObject, parts that
didn't pose any problems have been merged.  From your description it
sounds like the current scheme allows for something it wasn't
originally designed for, and what is currently appropriate to

The way forward is flesh out the usage model you have in mind so that
others, including myself, can understand exactly what you are trying
to achieve and where the current implementation falls short of
supporting it.  Compilable and runnable C++ is the most exact way to
provide a definition of what you are trying to do, for instance a
small code example or a modification of an existing OSG example.

Once we have established a usage case that the OSG doesn't currently
support well we can look at possible changes that might make it easier
to implement/use.

As a general note, the subject line you chose for this thread is not a
productive way to introduce a respectful technical discussion.  Please
keep things civil and focused on the technical issues.


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