[osg-users] [build] Building OpenSceneGraph Windows

Stefan Waldegger stefan.waldegger at yahoo.de
Sat Dec 23 20:13:22 PST 2017


this is my first post here and I have already searched in this Forum and on google but I did not get the answer which is handling my problem.

So I have read a lot about OSG in the internet and no I want to give it a try.
I have downloaded OSG 3.4.1 from the official homepage.

Then I unzipped it and put it to a convinient place and had a look into it. I found the sourcecode and some makefiles in the folder.

>From my experiences using Ubuntu and other Unix distibutions I know how easy this normally is, just call make and a big batch is being executed and voila, all the .so and .a files are here and everybody is happy.

But now I am on windows. Windows 10 to be honest.

I am using Code::Blocks as IDE and MinGW compiler. Downloaded with MinGW_get. So it is not that comes with Code::Blocks.

Also I downloaded CMake for windows with the Gui.
Then I started the CMake gui and on the first glance it all looked very easy. 

I entered the path of OSG as source and the same path as destnation, clicked on configure, chose MinGW as compiler, clicked ok.

Aaaand then. Like 20 messageboxes are popping up in seria telling me that dll files are missing libisl-15.dll, libmingwex-0.dll, libiconv-2.dll, libgmp-10.dll, .... and much more. And naturally CMake finishes wihtout having done anything in the end.

It is this messagebox wich comes when you want to try to sart a program the the dll is missing. But the funny thing is, when I look in the MinGW\bin folder, all the dlls are there. It is also the first time I am using CMake in windows, so I dont have any experience here.

Do you know this issue, is there a solution?

Thank you all for your support in advance.

Merry Christmas


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