[osg-users] Near-uniform tessellation of a concave polygon for heightmaps

Chris Hardy hardyc02 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 19 05:13:54 PDT 2017

I am given the contour/boundary of a concave polygon which cannot have holes, and I need to apply a heightmap to it. To this end, I need to perform a near-uniform tessellation of the polygon to generate a mesh.

A picture would be worth a thousand words here, but alas, I don't have 2 posts yet. :P

How can I perform this tessellation? Ideally, the solution could parameterize the 'resolution' of the vertices to adjust the detail of the mesh.

If this is somehow possible using OSG's built-in tessellation library that would be ideal, but I'm open to introducing an additional (hopefully lightweight) dependency if necessary.


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