[osg-users] shrink, optimize, convert scenedata

Sebastian Schmidt herrdersuppen at gmail.com
Wed Apr 5 05:06:37 PDT 2017

I have decreased the memory space of my models data up to 10% of the original size
and also improved performance by reducing vertex count to 1/3.

I did this by running the osg::Optimizer over my loaded scenegraph, write the scenedata to a new osg file and convert it to .ive format. Fortunately i could use most optimizer options without destroying the scenedata except for TEXTURE_ATLAS_BUILDER, which removed my texture paths and FLATTEN_STATIC_TRANSFORMS_DUPLICATING_SHARED_SUBGRAPHS ,
which instantly crashed my app.

I wonder if it makes any difference if i run osgconv first on every single .osg file before i do it again for the complete scenegraph and if i get other results by converting from .osg to .ive or .osdb to .ive ...

Also are there techniques for packing textures into a single file, like i did it for the scenegraph?


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