[osg-users] Fast move a lot of nodes to another group

Sebastian Messerschmidt sebastian.messerschmidt at gmx.de
Mon Apr 10 02:06:23 PDT 2017

Hi Yura,
> Hi,
> Quads are unique and images are different.
> Sorry but I cant make screenshot of real images because of author. It is just like big puzzle. This is editor, and user decides how many objects can be.
> I am using PagedLods to draw images and have no problem with memory. I have problem with moving a lot of nodes by user input. If I put put them into matrix i can move only it. This is fast but i need to move nodes to another group. Maybe I can use NodeCallback?

I think you need to think outside of the box here. There is more than 
one way to draw a collection of quads. You could render them as a big 
vertex array or even instanced and modify the sub-region of your vertex 
buffer/instance matrices instead of moving individual nodes around. If 
you need individual texturing, that still could be done via texture 
arrays or atlas-texturing.

If you absolutely want to keep them in your tree-structure you can still 
keep duplicates and simply turn them off by setting an appropriate 
node-mask (copy them to the new transform and disable drawing in the 
original group),
As a second step you could periodically sort the child vectors by the 
nodemask and batch-remove non-drawn childs from it (this is faster, 
since sorting doesn't need to resize the vector and removing a 
contiguous number of elements from the end of a vector is essentially free).

You could also apply the sort-prune algorithm in a custom osg::Group 
which will mark elements to be deleted instead of directly removing 
them. In the update phase it then could efficiently batch-sort and remove.

Anyways, this all theory as it still unclear what you want to achieve 
with your puzzle. We need more details or a small example to look at. If 
you cannot present the work, try to create a minimal example to 
demonstrate the problem (as a compilable example, so lazy people like me 
will take an actual look at it)


> Thank you!
> Cheers,
> Yura
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